JeffCo Mutual Aid is pausing efforts but there are many ways to support Jefferson County.

  • Jefferson County Anti-Racist Fund JCARF organized in 2019 and they run a mutual aid and reparations effort that supports black, indigenous folks, and all People of Color (BIPOC) in Jefferson County. Structural racism means BIPOC people have been harder hit by COVID-19 health and economic impacts. Support this organization.

  • Our resources page has information on additional efforts.

JeffCo Mutual Aid Update

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Hi JeffCo Mutual Aid Community,

We want to share an update. You have redistributed over $15,000 in Jefferson County. You have put funds straight into the hands of nearly 100 JeffCo people. Thanks to you, people have paid phone bills, childcare, medication, food, and so many other basic needs a little easier. Sharing what we can and showing up for each other is exactly what this effort is about.

Over the past two months, the JeffCo Mutual Aid team has received requests to facilitate other types of aid shares – grocery store trips, skill shares, masks, and more. We'd love to see JeffCo Mutual Aid continue sharing funds and expand the types of aid received and offered. Continuing this effort, however, is beyond our current team's capacity. We are going to pause JeffCo Mutual Aid now. But if you are interested in continuing this mutual aid effort - or a new one - we'd love to support a transition.

Community, you've made us so happy and grateful to call this place home. To all JeffCo Mutual Aid participants, thank you for showing us what it looks like when people stand up for each other. We'll be thinking of you.


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